World Engineering Month 2023

Outside the Box

As we wrap up the World Engineering Month celebration, let’s take a moment to reflect on the fantastic events that made this month one to remember. This year’s theme was “Outside the Box,” and we certainly lived up to that with a range of exciting activities that pushed us out of our comfort zones and challenged us in new ways.

We started the month off with the Supervisors’ Showdown and Brain Brawl, which brought together representatives from all our site offices. It was incredible to see the level of talent on display as our supervisors battled it out in a singing challenge.

Next up was #DaretobeHER, where we honored the iconic women at Xinyx who embraced their authentic selves and pursued their goals with confidence and courage. We gave out HER kits, which were perfumes inspired by them.

We also organized an online yoga session to help relieve stress. It was a fantastic way to celebrate diversity in the workplace.

The Bikekadahan event held in Alabang and Iligan City was another highlight of the month. We got out of the office, onto our bikes and took teamwork to the next level. It was a great way to promote an active and healthy lifestyle while also having fun with colleagues.

Finally, we closed the month with drinks, reflecting on the incredible experiences we had during the World Engineering Month celebration.

In conclusion, the World Engineering Month celebration was a huge success. We tried new things, stepped outside our comfort zones, and had a great time doing it. We can’t wait to do it all again next year!