Empowering the next-gen engineers to unlock their true potential and drive transformative advancements.
See you on December 12, 2023 in Alabang!

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Agenda At-A-Glance

Unlocked Competition
The most anticipated segment of the day, where students will pitch and passionately defend their innovative ideas and projects. The judging process will determine who emerges as the victorious team.

Keynotes and Awarding
We will feature discussions by industry and academic experts on the future of innovation in the Philippines and the preparedness and capability of our university talent pool. Additionally, we will also acknowledge outstanding individuals who have set new standards for Filipino talent and are dedicated to promoting global recognition for Filipino engineers.

Networking Opportunity
We will host a dedicated session where VIP guests, investors, and industry experts can connect and engage in conversations about the industry in an informal setting. This session will also include snacks and refreshments for attendees to enjoy while networking.

Elimination Round Result

Congratulations to our Unlockers, who have earned their spot in the final round. Here are our top teams!

Elimination Round Result

Congratulations to our Unlockers, who have earned their spot in the final round. Here are our top teams!

xinyx’s commitment

At XINYX, one of our primary core values is innovation. We believe that by empowering our future engineers, we can lead to an amazing future, especially in the microelectronics industry of the Philippines. Our strong commitment is to make sure the Philippines becomes a leader in this rapidly changing industry.

With this vision in mind, XINYX UNLOCKED serves as the gateway for brilliant young minds to exhibit their extraordinary talents, providing them with an exceptional platform to shine.

Our ultimate goal is to cultivate a new breed of world-class engineers who have the ability to UNLOCK their true power and drive transformative advancements in their respective fields.


XINYX UNLOCKED is a competition aimed to showcase the students’ resourcefulness and ingenuity, as well as their capacity to apply their technical proficiency in their respective fields/courses by developing solutions that can benefit their community.

For our first XINYX UNLOCKED, we aim to concentrate on tackling the challenges confronting our cities. As a result, we have chosen the theme

from problems to possibilities:

Building tomorrow’s cities today

December 12, 2023

Xinyx Unlocked is an exciting competition organized by Xinyx Design, a fully Filipino-owned company that leads the way in IC Design services within the Philippines.

Xinyx Unlocked



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