Engineering The Possibilities.

Empowering innovation with world-class engineers, in a world that never sleeps. We enable our clients to thrive in the race towards future technologies, with turn key IC design and layout services.

Complement your team’s skills with our professional circuit design engineers and accelerate your product’s time to market.

Our circuit design team is a leader in the development of Foundation IP, ALU, RAM, DDR, HBM and SerDes circuits. Our solid experience in standard IC design methodology with functional simulation and analysis, PPA analysis including design are the core of our uncompromised reliability.

We provision you with the best possible performance of your design, crafted with our team’s knowledge of layout on design including matching, reliability, proximity effects, shielding and ESD.

Our design engineers work effectively with IC layout engineers as we have understanding in transistor level layout and verification.

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Experience in standard IC design methodology with functional simulation and analysis, PPA analysis including design for reliability.


Work with a team that understands the value of flexibility in design implementation and limitation.


Let us help you define the optimum verification strategy you need to help you meet your development timelines.


Go beyond the ‘nearly there’ stages. Deploy talent on demand, obsessed with functional performance.


Stay ahead of the latest technologies with a blend of experienced engineers and industry-first automation.

Powered by the best technology in the industry

To accelerate time-to-reliability compliance with the specifications required by clients, we use high powered tools to meet industry standards.

Cadence is one of the leading edge softwares available on the market for Integrated Circuit design, layout, verification and implementation. Our team at Xinyx is composed of globally recognized experts with Cadence.

Our team at Xinyx are highly adept with SystemVerilog languages used to model, design, simulate, test and implement electronic systems. Let Xinyx speed up your design process through SystemVerilog.

Enhance your machine learning, data analytics and visualisations, and task automation with the help of our Python-equipped engineers.

Our team at Xinyx are experts with PERL programs to address your demands for CGI Scripting, Text processing, and managing Bioinformatics. Contact us today for an assessment.

FinFet technology provides smaller geometries to ICs to lower its variances and enabling operations at low voltages. Ask our team how we can improve your IC’s performance, power, size, process, cost and yield through FinFet technology.

Planar technology is a primary process used to build integrated circuits and is given a paramount importance in the semiconductor industry. Xinyx Design engineers are guaranteed to have a wide scope of expertise to simplify your Planar process.

Combining TCL’s general multi-paradigm scripting system language together with Xinyx Design team’s capabilities, will guarantee the accomplishments of your rapid prototyping & testing, GUIs, and C application projects.

Xinyx Design enables more efficient outsourcing and IC services for your business by complying with international quality management standards. Partner with an ISO-9001 Certified company for your IC design and layout requirements today!

Our Building Blocks of Success


Fostering the culture of engineering with people.


Creating secure digital environments.


Enhancing the output with thought leadership.


Bridging ideas with impossible made possible technology.

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We cultivate talent that builds the future today.